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Hi, I’m Mark. You may notice that I didn’t say that I am Fred, Sue or even some legal establishment like a multinational corporate entity. As such, the views expressed in this blog are my own. Not those of anyone else – including my employer or next door neighbour. Although they are both very nice, of course.

This blog is my foray into the wonderful world of the outer blogsphere. I will be discussing the interesting things that I come across day to day as I venture deep within the Apple. Unlike other technical commentaries, I may not take everything entirely seriously. In fact, most things I don’ take seriously…. except wasps. There may be other blogs out there that are technical and jokey in a kind of Michael Macintyre kind of way. But they probably can spell his name properly. And they probably mess around with wasps too, which isn’t a good idea. I suggest that you find something better to do instead – like read this blog!

Actually, come to think of it, I’m not sure that everything that goes on here is going to be technical. I’m quite enjoying a Netspresso coffee I just made for myself – so I might bang on about that for a bit – look – I just did.

But the initial intent is to talk about the quest to build iPhone apps. That would include iPad apps too, but I don’t currently have one. But then, I didn’t have a mac until a few weeks ago and the iPhone launch day on 24th June 2010 was my first ever Apple product after stubbornly holding out for IBM compatibile this and that ever since the good ship Atari sank (or at least submerged a little). Something wierd happened standing in that queue for 5 hours. Not sure if it was the pseudo-hippy ultra chic-slouched store staff or the confused and wilting people I shared the queue with – or even the wonderful glossy and weighty black rectangular bundle of joy. But something changed that day. I’m hooked – I want moooorrrreeee!

So hold on to your hat and be prepared for something wonderful. Don’t think that you are going to find it here – but I’m sure you deserve it all the same.

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